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The Achard Coats of Arms

Based on the family tree prepared in Sion, Valais (Switzerland) on 1 May 1812 by Baron D'H de C.

The illustrious House of Achard figures in France's history since 640 AD.  It is descended from the ancient princes of Montpellier from whose roots Saint Roch is also descended.
The Noble House of ACHARD originates from Poitiers whose first coats of arms were:  D’argent, à trois fasces de gueules. (see No. 1).


No. 1

Around 1202, Pierre Achard, second of the name, who became Chevalier and took part in the same year in the defence of city of Bordeaux.  He married the only daughter and heir of the Seigneur de Pommiers, from whom he adopted the arms which he added to his own: D’Argent, à trois doubles triangles de sable et les plaça en chef de son écusson ainsi qu’il suit.  Coupé au premier aux armoiries de Pommiers et au second aux Armoiries Achard. (see No. 2):


No. 2

The arms of the House of Achard underwent several changes as a result of several substitutions which came to the family.  These sustitutions led to changes in the name and additions to arms of the family.  As such, the Achard Joumart's were obliged to bear the arms of the Noble House of Joumart (see No.3), following the substitution made 20 December 1442 by noble Audoin Joumart in favour of his nephew, Audoin Achard.  His descendents quartered their ancient arms with those of the Joumart House (see No.4):


No. 3                               No. 4

More recently, François Joumart Des Achard, son of Gaspard Joumard des Achard and of Gabrielle Tison D’Argence, was also obliged to adopt the name and arms of the House of Tison D'Argence, which are: D’or, à deux lions passants de gueules, posés l’un au dessus de l’autre, avec un lambel à trois pendants de même, posé en chef. (see No. 5), as a result of the inheritance made by his mother's parents around 1610.

No. 5

His descendants quartered the arms as follows: Au premier et quatrième de Joumart ; au second et troisième de Tison D’Argence et sur le tout l’écusson des armoiries Achard, posé en abîme (see No. 6).


No. 6

The Achard's de Ferrus in Dauphiné bear the arms:  De Gueules à trois Heaumes d’argent grillés, embellis d’or, and the Achard's Du Pin bear: D’Azur, au lion d’or, armé lampassé de gueules, chargé de deux fasces de gueules, brochantes sur le tout.  These are said to be of the same house and seem to have for the same reasons adopted different arms.  We know that the Noble House of De Ferrus in Dauphiné came to an end and was absorbed into that of Achard.

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